Forum Thread: How to Get Credit or a Loan if You Are Not Working or Are Unemployed

To be able to borrow - to get credit - will always mean that you'll have to be able to show that you can make the necessary repayments. Certainly in the UK you can't get credit without showing you have the necessary income. And in fact the regulatory authorities would come down hard on any credit provider who effectively drove a borrower into unmanageable debt by being irresponsible.

But if you aren't working or are unemployed there may still be ways to get a proportionate amount of credit. You just need to have some other form of income.

This video explains some of the options that may be available to you:

After watching the video you can choose to explore these credit options on our website - and a bad credit history need not be an issue so long as you have an income.

Try our QuickStart tool to narrow down your options - and then find out more about them on our website.

Visit our YouTube channel for more helpful videos about money and credit.

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