Forum Thread: How to Hack Whatsapp Data

yes i will show you how you can hack whatsapp account data

I had found some exploiting code that will drive you directly to backup of whatsapp user data
and this whatsapp hack will blow your mind

And this hack work on both smartphone and also in PC(computer) .and if you are new to Lucky Hacks blog so please dont forget to subscribe the LUCKY HACKS youtube channel...

because i always upload this type of new hacks and secret stuffs to my youtube channel

so lets get started

so the first step will open a browser .. Chrome will be better
and now goto ..
yes google will get all whatsapp data directly from this google secret code

please write the exeact code.
Copy the code and paste into search bar

intitle:"Index of" "WhatsApp Databases"

and now press here you can see we had got many click on it .and then you will be on someone whatsapp backup data

and the click on parent directory and then you will see all whatsapp backup database

you will see all data that exist on our mobile storage of whatsapp file

that all will there

whatsapp audio ,whatsapp calls , whatsapp documents,whatsapp images,whastapp vidoes ... etc

and keep in mind that this video is only for educational purpose

so don't make any online backup of your data

now its your turn to check this out

and you can also perform this hack on your android device just open google

and search this secret code .. the code
(intitle:"Index of" "WhatsApp Databases")

and it will all look like we will seen in the pc

and don't forget to subscribe to lucky hacks youtube channel .so you will get daily updates of new hacks and tips and tricks

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