Forum Thread: Improve Strumming, Timing and Rhythm on Guitar Beginner Lesson

Good guitar strumming is all about the timing. If your timing sucks, your strumming will suck. The solution is patience and a metronome. In this guitar lesson, I'll gently introduce you to the basics of using a metronome and show you why this is so key to good strumming.

Also in this movie, you'll witness my crazy air con unit which makes a magnificent fart noise, right in the middle of my words of wisdom. Ah well, it'll likely raise a few smiles.

This movie was on my list of ones to do, but as Christian on my Facebook page ( asked for help, he gets a name check and a movie to try and help his rhythm not suck as much as Animal on the drums in the Muppets :)

I hope you find it useful. I'll look to follow this up soon with some useful strumming patterns. Anything else you wanna learn about, just let me know in the comments!

Thanks for watching. All the best, Liam.

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