Forum Thread: How to Improve Your Computer Performance? It Will Work on Windows 10/8/7 Etc. Watch the Video in Youtube..

How can I increase my computer performance? What's the problem with my computer? Why is it lagging?

There are tons of questions similar to this one. People has millions of questions about why there computers are lagging and performance are too poor. Some common answers to these questions are :-

*--------- 1) May be you have a very low spec pc......... Upgrade your pc to improve performance.
----------- 2) Use any pc otimizer tools for you operating systems such as Pc Cleaner Pro, CCleaner etc.
------------ 3) Clean Up your Pc always. Use any antiviruses.... Such as Avast, Kaspersky, ESET, Smadav etc.
------------ 4) Do not install too many softwares at a time ...... Try to use low spec softwares ..... etc.*

I am going to mention many of those and I will tell you something more new in my upcoming videos and notes..... Todays note will get much easier for you to understand if you look at the video below:-

Click here to Watch the video in youtube page guys

Ok when you are finished watching the whole video and then come back here and continue reading this article so that you can understand every steps of that video more clearly........

Here is what I mentioned in the video.......

( Sorry, I will continue writing this article after a while)

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