Forum Thread: How to Install Clip in Hair Extensions

Today is all about how to wear clip-in extensions and specifically how to wear our extensions. Watch the video to see how quick & easy it is!

In the video above, Laura attaches multiple clip-in extensions together (5", 8" and 10" wefts) to give herself the maximum amount of volume and length she wants. You, of course, may need more or fewer wefts depending upon coverage needs and/or volume wanted. But for a quick how-to:

1) Make a part right above the nape of the neck and secure your hair with a hair tie or scrunchie before clipping in the first extension (in Laura's case, a 5" weft).

2) Create a part right behind the ears, secure your hair up again and attach the second (8") weft.

3) Attach the third weft (10") above the temples after tying your hair up again.

4) Let your hair down and enjoy longer, thicker hair!

Don't forget the best way to learn how to wear extensions is through practice! ??To get your own set of Hair Extensions visit:

Note: Laura is using Indian Temple Hair Extensions set. 100 grams in Natural Black and 20" long.

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