Forum Thread: How to Make Custom Thumbnails on Easy Way

How to make Custom Thumbnails on easy way

Hi my friends, At first point i like set thanks to a21aaron's Gaming & Tutorials Channel for support and tips

How to make Custom Thumbnails on easy way
if you neee know this check this how to make custom thumbnails on youtube on very easy way

good on all you don't need any graphic skill as with this software is so easy and even kids ken do

on this video i will show you how i make my thumbnail as i thing is so easy and every one can do them quick with no so much work and experience as well

all you will need is very old software named LIVE PIX DELUXE

this software is very easy to use and do job with i think very cool resold

I personally use this Software from i thing 1995 with is long time ago

This software is good for editing any photo even my wedding photo I edit with this software and all my friends like them

any question just write comment below and if you will need more tutorial or how to use this software let me know I can show you more and what is possible to do and specially how easy is it to do

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