Forum Thread: How to Make a Glow Jar or a Magic Light Jar

Friends whenever there is a party at home, we think of various ways that we can make it more enjoyable and would love to give it a different look. I thought of this idea that in our next kitty party we would keep it low in light for the ambience part but also have lights enough to make us easily see each other but in style. I then decided to create this magic light jar also called us Glow Jar which uses a LED to light up the jar from inside. Using different style of stencils and pasted from inside of the jar you can actually shape up the mood and theme of the party. Each party can have 10 to 15 such jars or if it is a private and small event you may want to keep them only on the selected table where you have arranged the food.

Just have a look at the video attached.

Happy partying and Celebrating with these lighting jar that is nothing but your magic lamp to your favorite party.

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