Forum Thread: How to Make Sure You Avoid Fake News & Burst Your Social Media Filter Bubble.

There's a lot of concern at the moment about how people develop their opinions and the degree to which they may be being manipulated.

There are clearly parties intent on creating an alternate truth. And our use of social media also skews our perception of the world.

This should be an over-riding concern to us all, but what can we each do about it? The first thing is to be aware of how our opinions are being manipulated and by whom. The second thing is to decide what to do about it. Nobody wants to admit to being influenced by others but now more than at any time in history we most probably are. We need to take back control.

It pays to be active, to go seeking information and to not be reliant on what others choose to present to us. Always question what you see and challenge your own preconceived ideas by reading broadly and not just within your comfort zone.

As a credit and loan broker we're obliged to present a balanced view to those who visit our website. It would be easy to skew information, but because we're authorised and regulated by the FCA we must always keep in mind our obligations to our users. In the world of truths, half truths and downright fake news we'd go so far as to suggest that you that you should feel obligated to also gather the facts and seek a balanced view.

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