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Online Food Ordering System for Restaurant by Logicspice
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This video is specially created for the restaurant owners.
So if you are a restaurant owner, let's discuss about the challenges of this business.

Do you get orders for pick up and delivery of food from your restaurant? Your customers usually call you or visit you to order for delivery or pickup... am I right?

Generally you get the order, assign it to the kitchen staff and get it delivered by the delivery boy. Do you feel that sometimes this communication creates confusions? Not only confusion, it is time consuming and inefficient as well.

Is this ever happened to you that you have delivered the order to the wrong person or your kitchen staff forgot to prepare the order, or delivery boy was not able to find the location. This is so embarrassing for your restaurant.

What if all this process gets automated at affordable prices without any technical knowledge. Logicspice brings you an online food ordering system which will resolve all your above mentioned problems.

Your brand
Your Customers
Your System
Your food ordering mobile app.

This food ordering system will let you take orders from the customers through your mobile app or website. Let's see how it works Your customers place an order from mobile app or website. They can choose either pickup or delivery facility.

Restaurant owner gets notified, its their choice to accept or reject the order. Restaurant owner assign the order to the available kitchen staff through the mobile app. The kitchen staff would be able to view the details of the order on his mobile app and after the food is ready, kitchen staff can mark order as prepared and the restaurant can assign it to the delivery person.

Delivery person can see the location of the customer on his mobile app and get it delivered. Once the order is delivered the customer can rate your food item and give them reviews.

The best thing about LS FOS is that you can integrate it into your already existing website and convert your website visitors to your customers. With our FOS subscription, you will get Android and iPhone apps for your restaurant, customers, kitchen staff and delivery persons.

Start using this by signing up for 15 days free trial of the food ordering web application.

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