Forum Thread: How to Remove Tiny Bumps on Face/Forehead

If you have small or tiny bumps on your face and forehead and you're not even sure if it's an acne or what, you might also be suffering from a fungal acne or Malessezia Folliculitis. Watch how i cleared my skin with this fungal acne or the little bumps or what they call small pimples on my face. This is exactly how to get rid of that tiny bumps on your face and forehead.


NOTE THAT it worked on me for 3 days and that doesn't guarantee that it would work on you that fast too. Just try it for a week first and see how it affects your skin or fungal acne.

Fungal acne is different from a regular acne or the pimples. To get rid of this, it requires an entirely different skincare routine. I used a very affordable product here for 3 days only so you can get rid of it fast.

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