Forum Thread: Shimmer Lips

How to get Bright colored, extreme shimmer lips.

Step 1: Apply the Lipstick

Apply Velour Liquid Lipstick By Jeffree Star. The color used here is called Breakfast at Tiffany's.
You can use any other liquid lipstick and color of your choice but the results may vary if you do.

Step 2: Let It Dry

Wait for the lipstick to fully dry on your lips.

This video is mostly a review of the lipstick but it shows how to apply it.

Step 3: Apply the Roll on Shimmer

The Shimmer used here is called NYX Roll on Shimmer in color Seafoam.
It goes great with the lipstick as the colors of both lipstick and shimmer match together quite closely.
You can layer this product to achieve the most extreme shimmery effect.

This lip look is perfect for mermaid makeup as well as snow queen or ice princess makeup looks.

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