Forum Thread: How to Sing Without Singing Through Your Nose and Sounding Nasal

Often times singers have great voices but are not sure how to approach getting the best sound from their instrument.
As a vocal coach and performer, I attend. several open mics. where people are practicing and tuning up their craft .

One of the most common issues and concerns that singers have is that they sound nasal. Often times you don't even have to say anything , a singer will tell you " oh I don't sound good today I sound like I'm singing through my nose."

Many singers are not sure how to approach singing higher or stronger and as a result they are breathing through their nose and releasing air through their nose when they are singing. This creates a vocal tone that most singers want to avoid because it creates a "nasally " whiny tone.

In the video I have attached, you will understand how to practice singing without singing through your nose..
Eve Soto

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