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We all procrastinate, or have done in the past. I myself noticed that I have done an excessive amount of procrastination lately and decided that I had to put a stop to it.

I did tons of research and implemented frameworks I studied for my bachelor degree International Business. In this post I provide a video, and a step by step guide on how to overcome procrastinating and to start following your dreams.

This video explains it all in a hopefully fun and entertaining way:

So what does the video talk about? What are the steps to overcome procrastinating?
I will explain this as fully as possible in the underlying paragraphs.

Putting an end to procrastination consists of 4 steps:

Step 1: Divide into Small Parts

When we start a project we often get scared by the size of the project and how much time and effort has to go into it before we have the finished product. This creates a fear and anxiety that causes us to procrastinate. Why? Because procrastination gives instant gratification and rewards, this reduces the stress and anxiety created by the project.

Dividing the project into smaller bites, however, reduces this problem, as you just have to face one tiny step at a time, instead of one enormous step. I don't know about you, but I'd rather fight 20 mice than 1 tiger.

Step 2: Create Deadlines

It is important to create deadlines for yourself, as this creates a feel of urgency to complete a task. It would be best to divide all bite sized tasks you created in step one, into their own little deadlines.

Ways of structuring this efficiently and properly are discussed in the video.
I talk about how to decide what to do first, and how to fit all of it into your weekly schedule.

Step 3: Overcome the Fear of Not Being Good Enough...

We all make mistakes and nobody is perfect. Learn to accept this and understand that it is not at all that bad to make mistakes. You learn from your mistakes, and you will definitely see improvements when you have to do a similar project or task the next time.

Step 4: REWARD Yourself!

After completing each part you should reward yourself in order to induce the same kind of gratification as when procrastinating. Ideas on how to reward yourself can be found in the video

I think procrastination is a great problem in today's world that stops people from following their dreams and living their lives the way they want to. I hope this post made a change for you and will motivate you to stop procrastinating and follow your dreams. Just as I have been doing ever since I thought myself these steps.

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