Forum Thread: Unbelievable!!! Village Women Dolls: Make Using Only Papers

I always love the creativity and when it comes to seeing the real life through the creativity , Tribal life is my favorite.

Rather than sit on a week off and do nothing , its best to give life to your creativity so I got up and decided to start this concept of art work on the village theme.

A women from a village fetching water from the well is something that I saw in one of the paintings and was so inspired that I wanted to do something on this concept only. This art work required only newspaper and hard paper with some colors and gum, thats it and I was ready to give it a shape of reality.

Youtube Video here

The village was incomplete without a hut and here comes the best way of using the waste bottle that I utilized for making the Hut (house ) of these village women. The work required was intense but the results were marvellous. Within hours of posting the video on youtube I saw it climb to 100 views in just 9 hours , a feat I had not achieved so far.

Below is the video link for how to make Hut using waste Plastic Bottles

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