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This video help you to create a fun sun character tutorial. This intermediate tutorial is great for logos, children illustrations, and other projects relating to climate change. Moreover, you can easily apply this tutorial to other illustrations, logos, and projects!

Forum Thread: How to Create a Beach Nail Art with Toothpick and Qtip

?? Easy Beach Nail Art Design ??: This Summer Nail Design created with #Toothpick & Qtip only. So, excited to share this beautiful panoramic #NailArt that I created right on the beach ! This amazing #NailDesign was inspired by the beautiful #beaches and #turquoise waters of #Maldives ?? & is super easy to make. It also does not require any tools or skills. I really enjoyed creating this #EasyNailArt & I hope you will enjoy this video !

Forum Thread: How to Do Floral French Manicure at Home

Cute Floral #FrenchManicure #NailArt ???? for Summer. Hi my loves ! I created these easy floral #FrenchTips for you to rock this #spring & #Summer. You can use a toothpick to create this design very easily. It is a really #simpleNailArt Design that needs no special tools and skills. I hope you like this Nail Art Idea and will try it yourself. Thanks so much for watching ! Please click on that Like button as it would really make my day ??

Forum Thread: HOW to DEAL with HATERS

Every time success or happiness is with us, there's always a hater looking around wanting to spoil everything for you. You see the thing is, lots of people will be aware of your success but not everybody will be happy about it. That's why I've come to talk about this. I love you and I want you to be successful because you can be the best. I don't want hate to pull you down the same way it almost pulled me down. I hope you can listen closely to my 4 tips.

Forum Thread: How to Become Successful

Success is something that is pretty much undefined for the individual chasing it and at most times, people assume that it's when you have a car, house and a ton of money. However, this is not entirely it. Successful people achieve goals and that is what makes them successful. In order to achieve their goals, people who are successful have certain things that they always do. These things are what help them achieve theire goals and they finally become successful.