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Forum Thread: How to Start Your Youtube Channel

How to *start your youtube channel* - August 2017 - YouTube Tips, In This video you will learn YouTube Tips to start a channel in Bangla and How to Earn Money from YouTube. If you want to create or make your YouTube channel and upload videos then this video is a must for you. In This Video I will show you How to make YouTube Channel. I hope this will help you to get your new YouTube Channel up and Running.

Forum Thread: How to Make a SIMPLE Pistol Rubber Band Gun from Cardboard

Hi, I made this semi -automatic pistol. I can shoot 3 rubber bands in one load. I found the template in pinterest and spent 20 minutes for cutting and assembling. I am very happy with my new gun. However, it would be better if i use wood as material instead of cardboard. By the way, if you use cardboard, add glue to the gun's edges to make them harder and more durable. I also recorded how I make this rubber band gun in this below video. If you have any questions, feel free to ask me. Thanks

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