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Forum Thread: How to Make a Glow Jar or a Magic Light Jar

Friends whenever there is a party at home, we think of various ways that we can make it more enjoyable and would love to give it a different look. I thought of this idea that in our next kitty party we would keep it low in light for the ambience part but also have lights enough to make us easily see each other but in style. I then decided to create this magic light jar also called us Glow Jar which uses a LED to light up the jar from inside. Using different style of stencils and pasted from i...

Forum Thread: How to Edit SMOOTH SLOW MOTION [Adobe Premiere Tutorial]

How to quickly film and edit smooth slow motion in Adobe Premiere CC - 2017 First you have to film - you need to adjust your camera settings. First change your frame rate from the normal 24-30 fps to 60+ fps. This is because we will make the slow motion happen in post. Then you must change your shutter speed -- ALWAYS 2X your frame rate. Next, double check your aperture - make sure it is open as wide as it can possible go.

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