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Forum Thread: DIY - YouTube Desktop Notifier

Do you get nightmares of losing your YouTube Subscribers? If you do, you are not the only one. Luckily I have made this "YouTube Desktop Notifier" to keep me up-to-date with my channels Subscriber and View Counts. This very simple DIY project cost me around $10 and it now keeps me in track with my channel. Other than displaying the Subscriber and View count this device also "Beeps and Glows" when my channel gains a new subscriber.

Forum Thread: Draw a Game Character in Adobe Illustrator | Step by Step Illustrator Tutorial

Hey guys, welcome! In this tutorial video i will be creating a character called Zangief from the Street Fighter games using just simple shapes. I used Adobe Illustrator for the character design illustration - it's a simple and easy way to create a vector design of a character or a person using simple shapes. Enjoy the step by step Adobe Illustrator tutorial. Do let me know if you like my video. If there's any feedback you guys want to share then please feel free to let me know in the comments...

Forum Thread: How to Do Downward Dog in Yoga

If you wonder how to do downward facing dog, this quick video will explain the proper anatomy to help build your own version of the pose. This is beginner friendly, but also informative for someone that has been practicing yoga for a while. Empower yourself and know your own body!

Forum Thread: How to Do Childs Pose in Yoga

Learn the basic postures in yoga which includes child's pose with Kendra Kulak. Child's pose is used as a rest pose, but can also be challenging if your knees hurt or if your tight in your hips and back. Subscribe to my youtube channel and find out tips and tricks to help next time your doing a yoga class.

Forum Thread: How to Do Baby Cobra Yoga Pose

Baby cobra pose is used in a lot of different yoga classes that you go to. This is why it's important to understand the foundations of how to do this yoga posture. Get empowered by building knowledge to know your body better in different postures, so then you can do them safely and effectively on your own. Join Kendra Kulak in this yoga beginners guide.

Forum Thread: Family Youtube Channel Topics & Ideas

My wife and I recently started a family Youtube Channel we call the House of Watson Our desire is to help marriages and families create lasting memories and grow closer together. In a day when people are both more connected and more disconnected simultaneously, we want to encourage parents and families to discover ways to re-engage with one another in new and fun ways. Our plan is to post weekly videos that have tools, tips, and ideas on how to bet...

Forum Thread: Teach Kids Kindness

Helping kids show kindness to one another can be challenging. We were noticing we were kinder to our friends than our family. So we started a monthly game with our family to help us become kinder to each other: Every month the winner gets to choose where we eat dinner and dessert. It's has helped the atmosphere in our house become much healthier. It's not the only solution but it has helped tremendously! Do you have any ways you use to teach your kids to be kind to one a...

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