Forum Thread: How to Make a Free Energy Generator Magnet Motor?

In this video I try to create a free energy generator motor using magnets and a computer fan. Will it work or it is a fake? It seem that it should work as you can find in other videos in youtube.

Let's put it in test. I will try to light up a led bulb and mesured it with a multimeter.

Step 1: Stick One Magnet in Each Blade

You need a computer fan and one neodymium magnet for each blade of the fan.

You have to install all of them in the same direction polarity. You can your glue or a hot glue gun to stick the magnets on the blade.

Step 2: Try to Move the Blades with a Magnet

You need to get a magnet and orient it in opposite polarity to the magnets in the fan blades and try to move the blades without moving your magnet.

Do not work? It is normal there is no free energy generation...

The law of conservation of energy
This states that energy can be neither created nor destroyed. However, energy can change forms, and energy can flow from one place to another.

Step 3: How to Fake the Movement of the Fan with the Magnet

You need to place a working fan next to your fan or blow (Not visible for the camera), for the camera it will seem that the blades are moving because the magnet. You remove the sound and put new sound or music to hide the fan or blowing sound.

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